Azerbaijani MPs express dissatisfaction over distorted information on Wikipedia

Azerbaijani MPs express dissatisfaction over distorted information on Wikipedia
# 10 March 2017 11:03 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijani parliamentarians have expressed their dissatisfaction over distorted information on Wikipedia.

Addressing the parliamentary meeting on Friday, MP Ganira Pashayeva said that Wikipedia includes distorted information about famous Azerbaijani figures, geographical names, etc, APA reported.

"It's as if they are intentionally falsifying our history. This problem should be regulated in a legal way,” she said.

Pashayeva also expressed concern over problems with domains.

"Those circles that hate Azerbaijan manipulate it in order to harm Azerbaijan and implement their vile plans,” she stressed.

MP Vusal Huseynov said that everyone can edit Wikipedia.

"The capabilities to combat these problems by legal means are limited. Therefore, this problem should be dealt with by the general public. Wikipedia offers a function for information protection. If you protect the published information, then it will be difficult to edit it,” he added.

Deputy Minister of Transport, Communications and High Technologies Elmir Veliyev said that nowadays Wikipedia is not being referred to as a reliable source. There are so many distortions that it is difficult to prove their reliability.

"On Wikipedia there are sources created by users. Therefore, it’s not realistic to introduce a law at the state level to regulate it. Rather, we should increase the number of reliable articles about Azerbaijan on Wikipedia so that people can access authentic information. At the same time, we must fight against unreliable information,” he added.