Azerbaijani people choose Ilham Aliyev: New Azerbaijan Party

# 19:16
11 April 2018

The people of Azerbaijan made the right choice in favor of Ilham Aliyev, Deputy Chairman and Executive Secretary of the New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) Ali Ahmadov said at a press conference on April 11, APA reports.


He said that the voting in the presidential election started at 08:00 and ended at 19:00 local time.


According to the Central Election Comission, more than 3.9 million voters cast their ballots at the presidential election, added Ahmadov.


"According to the results of the exit polls conducted, Ilham Aliyev won over 80 percent of the vote, which means the YAP chairman gained a promising victory in the election. We think that the CEC will soon announce the election results,” he said.


Ahmadov stressed that the people of Azerbaijan made the right choice in favor of Ilham Aliyev.


He noted that the next seven years will be a new stage of development in Azerbaijan.


"A large-scale government plan will be developed thanks to Ilham Aliyev's strategy, which will cause Azerbaijan to develop in all spheres and strengthen its positions in the international community. Ilham Aliyev's victory is the victory of all the people of Azerbaijan and I congratulate our nation on this occasion,” Ahmadov added.