Czech COVID-19 cases in one day almost equal to whole of March

# 18:36
18 September 2020

The 3,130 new infections recorded in the Czech Republic on Thursday are almost as many as for the whole month of March - and officials are warning of the risk of an exponential increase, APA reports citing BBC.

Face masks are mandatory in schools from today (20% of new infections are in school-aged children) and authorities warn new measures - due to be announced today - could be introduced quickly to flatten the curve.

A new version of the much-criticised contact tracing app e-Rouska is also being launched today. The original version didn't work on iPhones and drained battery life.

The government of PM Andrej Babis is facing severe criticism for watering down planned restrictions that were due to come into force on 1 September. In the end they were introduced anyway 10 days later, but critics say this was too late and these numbers are the result.