EU countries couldn’t come to agreement in issue of application of sanctions against Belarus officials

# 19:16
21 September 2020

Cyprus has blocked sanction of the European Union (EU) against Belarus officials, said the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security Affairs Josep Borrell at a press conference, APA reports.

He said today, no unanimity was regarding application of sanctions against Belarus officials at the meeting of EU ministers of Foreign Affairs.

J. Borrell stressed that the bloc will re-consider its relations with Belarus, will provide more material support to civil society and free media: “We know that this election was falsified and therefore we don’t recognize legitimacy of Alexander Lukashenko. We believe in the right of the Belarusian people to hold free, transparent and fair elections and we stand by the Belarusian people”.

Note that decisions regarding foreign policy in the EU require unanimity among 27 member countries of this bloc.

Remind that the EU has declared that it will apply sanction against Belarus’ senior officials who bear responsibility for falsification, violence and pressures in the election.