Fahrettin Koca: “Number of deaths from COVID-19 decreases in Turkey, number of severe patients increases”

# 19:19
29 July 2020

“We see that the likeliness of second wave worldwide is high. We should appreciate very well the current days in Turkey. The risks are still continuing”, saif Turkey’s Health minister Fahrettin Koca after another meeting of the Coronavirus Scientific Advisory Board established in connection with the measures of fight against novel coronavirus (COVID-19), APA’s local bureau reports.

He said when we look at the figures disclosed every day, although decline is observed in number of deaths, the growth is taking place in the number of patients undergoing intensive therapy treatment.

F.Koca said the first wave connected with COVID-19 still continues in Turkey, has relatively decreased in such large cities as Istanbul, Izmir, while has started to increase in some regions.

The minister saying it is important to protect from infection because there is no restriction of going out into street on the eve of the Festival of Sacrifice, told that during yesterday’s meeting with the minister of Internal Affairs Suleyman Soylu they talked about the security measures that will be taken during the holiday: “Tomorrow, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will issue a statement about these measures”.

As for the issue of reopening of schools from August 31, F.Koca said during the upcoming two weeks, the negotiations will be held together with the Ministry of Education and the mode in which the education will be continued will be determined.

Note that the Coronavirus Scientific Advisory Board has held a live meeting for the first time after 4 months.