Georgian Economy Minister: ‘ban on regular flights may be extended until the end of July’ - UPDATED

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25 June 2020

The ban on regular flights may be extended until the end of July due to the rapid increase in the number of new coronavirus cases in neighboring countries, Georgian Economy Minister Natia Turnava said earlier today, APA reports citing

Turnava mentioned that the main task for the Georgian government is to strengthen the gains made in properly managing the epidemiological situation and protecting the population.

"The government will be very careful with international visitors and tourists in July as well. There will be different rules for business visitors and students. We are waiting for the decision of the European Union, which has just opened borders between its member states and soon it will make decisions for non-member countries as well. We have to prolong the ban on regular flights until the end of July, though Georgia will not restrict charter flights”, said Turnava.

Georgia has completely shut down air traffic in the country on March 21 in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Since late March Georgia has carried out over 60 charter flights to evacuate thousands of Georgians from abroad amid the coronavirus outbreak.




Natia Turnava, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia says the resumption of regular flights may be delayed until the end of July. She said that the above depends on the epidemiological situation around the world, APA reports citing interpressnews.

"Most likely, we will have to postpone the resumption of regular flights until the end of July, but charter flights are being carried out even today and so will it be in July. It would not be a responsible decision to open regular flights now,” Turnava said when talking about international tourists.