Lukashenko says $10 mln allocated for his assassination

# 23:21
24 April 2021

Organizers of the assassination plot against Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko allocated $10 mln to achieve the goal, Lukashenko told reporters on Saturday.

The BelTA news agency reported citing Lukashenko that armed people were to attack his residence in the countryside, that $10 mln were allocated for this purpose and $1 mln for the sniper.

"We have long seen that. Do you think we carried out this operation in Moscow out of the blue? We were keeping a close eye on them. They were expected to come to Minsk and conduct this operation," Lukashenko said.

In Lukashenko’s words, the conspirators had drawn up a few scenarios. First, they plotted to assassinate the president at the May 9 parade, Next, they considered an attack on the presidential motorcade, so they even bought grenade launchers and brought them to Belarus. Lukashenko continued that under the third scenario, armed people were tasked to attack the presidential residence in the countryside.

Lukashenko added that among the conspirators was a security officer who acted as a general who had sold out.

"He was our agent. Well done. Thanks to the guy, since he helped us massively and was not scared. They wanted him to call for the army uprising," Lukashenko said.