Majority of Italian regions undergoing lockdown easing starting Monday

# 13:12
26 April 2021

The partial weakening of restrictive measures is due to begin in 14 out of 20 Italy's regions, bound to switch to the "yellow" COVIID-19 risk zone starting this Monday, after over a month-long lockdown, APA reports citing Sputnik.

The yellow zone entails a low-to-moderate regional coronavirus incidence rate in the Italian color code to distinguish its regions.

The scheme also includes red, orange, and white colors.

From Monday, any outdoor sports activity, including contact sports, will be allowed in yellow regions. Besides, such public places, as cinemas, theaters, concert halls, and clubs are to resume operations as long as capacity is kept at no more than 50%.

Swimming pools are planned to reopen from May 15, and gyms should resume on June 1. Stadiums in the yellow areas are also allowed to reopen with the occupancy rate pegged at 25%.