More than half of UK population has received first dose of Covid vaccine

# 19:45
24 April 2021

More than half of the UK's total population has received a first dose of a coronavirus vaccine, figures show, APA reports citing Daily Mail.

NHS England data up to April 23 shows that of the 38,189,536 total doses given in England so far, 28,102,852 were first doses - a rise of 107,656 on the previous day.

It means the UK first dose total so far is now 33,496,293, with more recent figures still to be reported by Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The UK population is estimated to be 66,796,807, so the latest figures show that more than half the population have now had a first dose of a coronavirus vaccine.

Experts have said vaccines should be able to control the Covid-19 pandemic as they published new real-world UK data showing that jabs slash infection and are likely to cut transmission.

The good news comes a day after Number 10 scientists predicted that, thanks to the vaccine rollout and warmer weather, which helps to keep case numbers down, life will have returned 'much more towards normal' by the summer.