Number of population of Georgia revealed

# 11:52
29 April 2021

According to indicator as of January 1, 2021, number of population registered in Georgia is 3 728,6 thousand, according to report of the Georgian National Statistic Department, APA's bureau in Georgia reports.

It has been noted the indicator increase by 0.3% in comparison with the previous year. According to statistics as of January 1, 59,4% of population of Georgia (2 215,6 thousand people) live in cities, while 1/3 of the population (1 202,7 thousand) in the capital Tbilisi.

According to the statistics, the number of Azerbaijanis, registered in the compact settlement of Azerbaijanis Kvemo-Kartli is 437,3 thousand, of which 192,3 live in cities, while 245,000 in village areas.