Place of Khojaly monument in Hague changed

# 13:43
5 August 2020

The place of the monument erected in honor of the cherished memory of victims of the Khojaly genocide at Nieuw Eykenduynen cemetery of Hague City of the Netherlands has been changed and its surroundings have been accomplished, the State Committee on Work with Diaspora told APA.

This monument was erected in 2007 by the initiative of the Netherlands-Azerbaijan Turkic Culture Group and by the financial support of the Azerbaijani and the Turkish communities. Our compatriots living in Hague gather in front of this monument on February 26 every year. They honor the memory of the Khojaly victims subjected to genocide by Armenians, and deliver to attention of the local and the world communities the Khojaly truths.

The initiator of the erection of the monument, Chairman of the Dutch-Azerbaijani Turkish Cultural Association Ilhan Ashkin noted that taking into account that the gathering of a large number of visitors in this place at the same time Dutch-Azerbaijani Turkish Cultural Association has implemented negotiations with the Hague city Municipality on the relocation of the monument to a more suitable location in this cemetery. After an agreement has been reached, the monument has been relocated to larger area where people move massively, and the surrounding area has been landscaped.

On the plaque near the monument brief information about the Khojaly genocide has been posted in Azerbaijani and Dutch languages. Now condition has been created here for more visitors and better commemorative events.