Turkish President: "Azerbaijan will be winner in its rightful fight"

# 16:33
18 October 2020

"Our Azerbaijani brothers are in a very strict fight against Armenia. Why are we in Azerbaijan, why do we stand by our brothers? Because we stand by the right and rightful side, where is oppression, we are against it", said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the Congress in Sirnak Province of Turkey, APA's bureau in Turkey reports.

Reminding announcement one more ceasefire between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Erdogan noted that Armenia committed one more provocation and violated ceasefire: "A ceasefire was announced in the night, but Armenia violated the ceasefire again. Do the West speak while all of these realities are obvious? They do not. But when Turkey speaks, we are condemned. We will not keep silent, will not stop."

Turkish Presiden said he believes that Azerbaijan will win in its rightful fight: "Who are Minsk Group co-chairs? Russia, France and America. Do they provide any kind of weapon support to Armenia? They do. Azerbaijani brothers are fighting at the cost of their lives on the background of these. The US, Russia, and France finished the discussion for 30 years, did not create a condition for liberation of territories of our brothers. Now Azerbaijan is liberating its occupied territories, what could be more natural than that? May Allah be their helper! We believe that they will be winner in their rightful fight and we sincerely wish for it!"