WHO warns of rising cases among young in Europe

# 16:24
29 July 2020

Dr Hans Kluge, Europe regional director for the World Health Organization (WHO), says increasing infections among young people could be driving recent spikes in cases across the continent, APA reports citing BBC .

He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that authorities needed to communicate better with younger members of society.

"An increasing number of countries are experiencing localised outbreaks and a resurge in cases. What we do know, is that it's a consequence of change in human behaviour," he said.

"We're receiving reports from several health authorities of a higher proportion of new infections among young people. So for me, the call is loud enough to rethink how to better involve young people."

Dr Kluge said that as a father of two daughters he understood that young people "do not want to miss the summer".

But he added: "They have a responsibility towards themselves, their parents, grandparents and their communities and we do know, now, how to adopt good healthy behaviours so let's take advantage of the knowledge."