Azerbaijan improves its position in ranking of “The best countries of the world”

# 11:14
16 January 2020

Azerbaijan has risen from 70th place to 61st in comparison to the previous year in the rating of “The best countries of the world” compiled by U.S. News & World Report, prestigious magazine of the US, APA-Economics reports citing the magazine.

20 positions in the country regarding politics, economy, social field, tourism, culture have been analyzed while preparing the rating.

Totally, in the rating where 73 leading countries include, Azerbaijan has achieved improvement in the rankings prepared on economical indicators too. Thus, Azerbaijan has ranked 64th in the list by rising 11 steps in the rating on “Level of entrepreneurship development”. Moreover, Azerbaijan has made progress in the ranking on “Starting a business”, by rising from 62nd place to 57th.

Note that Switzerland, Canada and Japan have ranked in the top three in the rating of “The best countries of the world”. The list is completed by Kazakhstan, Guatemala and Bolivia.