ADIF pays AZN 727.5M in compensation to eleven closed banks’ customers

# 13:19
20 April 2017

On April 19 Azerbaijan Deposit Insurance Fund (ADIF) paid AZN 43,201,000 to Parabank’s depositors, AZN 54,624,000 to Zaminbank’s depositors, AZN 27,771,000 to Kredobank’s depositors and AZN 3,087,000 to Dekabank’s depositors.


The Fund totally paid over AZN 128,683,000 to 4 banks’ customers.


The Fund paid AZN 14,282,000 to Atrabank’s depositors, AZN 1,974,000 to Caucasus Development Bank’s depositors. Total compensations for two banks amounted to over AZN 16,256,000.


On April 19, the Fund paid AZN 318,725 to United Credit Bank’s depositors


Payment of compensations to Bank of Azerbaijan’s insured depositors Agent banks ended on January 27, 2017 and ADIF totally paid AZN 24,161,000 in compensation to those depositors. Moreover, payment of compensation to Ganjabank’s customers ended on February 4, 2017 and ADIF paid AZN 976,440 to those depositors. Payment of compensations to Texnikabank’s customers ended on February 12, 2017 and AZN 120,433,000 was paid in compensation to these depositors.


ADIF has also paid over AZN 436,667,000 in compensation to Bank Standard’s insured depositors.


Totally, ADIF has paid over AZN 727,495,000 in compensation to 11 closed banks’ customers.