AmCham Azerbaijan welcomes initiative on monitoring of the Strategic Road Map

# 11:07
14 September 2017

The American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan (AmCham Azerbaijan) supports the initiative on monitoring and preparation of the assessment reports of the strategic roadmap on perspectives of the national economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan approved by decree of the President Ilham Aliyev on December 6, 2016.


Executive Director of AmCham Azerbaijan Mrs. Natavan Mammadova noted that, open monitoring of the Strategic Road Map on National Economy and Key Sectors of the Economy and delivering its results, as well as the assessment made in this direction to the public is very progressive step. As a participant of the drafting process of the strategic roadmaps, AmCham Azerbaijan considers that, the results of the monitoring process to be delivered both annually and semiannually will contribute to the timely and effective implementation of the measures stated in the strategic road maps. The Chamber is interested in regular delivery of monitoring results to its members and participation in the discussions based on drafted reports.


Commenting on monitoring and assessment results, Mrs. Mammadova said that the evaluation of the works on strategic roadmaps is of particular importance as a first-time report after the approval of roadmaps, and will make remarkable progress in the implementation of the roadmaps.


“Establishing such a monitoring and evaluation system on strategic roadmaps is in line with the principle of open government, and implementation of this initiative is very commendable in terms of ensuring transparency, accountability and efficiency in the fulfillment of the roadmaps. Monitoring will provide information on the accomplishment of the strategic roadmaps for local and international public opinion, also will pave a way to attract the required investment in this area, which will serve to further improvement of business climate in the country,” added Natavan Mammadova.