Anglo Asian Mining earns $14M from sale of gold

# 15:45
17 July 2018

In the second quarter of 2018 Anglo Asian Mining produced 16,764 ounces of gold from Gedabek deposit, up 38% from previous year.


According to the report of the company, the company produced 44,201 ounces of silver, 332,000 tonnes of copper.


During the reporting period, Anglo Asian Mining sold 10,822 ounces of gold bullion, up 46.12% in comparison to a year earlier. The gold price made up $1,307 an ounce. So, the company earned $14.144 million from sale of the gold bullion.


Moreover, the company sold 1,736 tonnes of copper worth $4.2 million in the second quarter.


Totally, 33,255 ounces of gold, 84,785 ounces of silver and 587 tonnes of copper were sold in the first half.


In the first half Anglo Asian Mining produced 31,282 ounces of gold from Gedabek deposit and sold 28,778 ounces. This deposit produced 13,124 ounces of silver.