Azerbaijan’s 2017 state budget 98% fulfilled

# 16:39
12 January 2018

Azerbaijan's state budget revenues and expenditures in 2017 were fulfilled 98% against the approved forecast and made 16,447 mln AZN and 17 588 mln AZN, respectively, Finance Minister Samir Sharifov said. 


The minister said that despite the fact that 736 mln AZN less funds received from the revenue sources predicted by the budget forecast, customs revenues being 16% or 359 mln AZN more, budget orders from budget organizations as a result of increasing  efficiency of budget expenditures have been fully executed within the approved budget of the state budget.


"The deficit of the state budget was 34 mln AZN lower than the approved maximum," Sharifov said.


In order to strengthen social protection of refugees and internally displaced persons, improve their living conditions, a total sum of 326 mln AZN from summary and state budget of 2017 have been allocated, including $ 221 mln from the state budget and 105 mln AZN from the State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan.


2 690 mln AZN directed to investment costs at the expense of the state budget and financing of all projects have been provided.