Azerbaijan announces amount of mortgage lending in four months

# 15:16
5 June 2018

Azerbaijan-based banks allocated AZN 26.1 million of government mortgage loans through Azerbaijan Mortgage and Credit Guarantee Fund (AMCGF) in April 2018, 68.4% or AZN 10.6 million compared to March. However, the banks allocated AZN 75.4 million of mortgage loans in January-April.


In April, no fund was allocated from the state budget for AMCGF.


AMF refinanced AZN 16.3 million in April.


The AMF issued AZN 20 million bonds at BSE in January-April.


Regarding AMF mortgage portfolio, as of May 1, 2018 the loans allocated by authorized credit institutions amounted to AZN 46,409, average period – 281 months, interest rate 6.62% and monthly payment AZN 330.5.