Azerbaijan sees over 2% decline in troubled loans year-on-year

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10 February 2017

As of January 1, 2017, the overdue credits in the provision of crediting in Azerbaijan stood at AZN 1,472,600,000, down AZN 35.9 million or 2.4% from a year ago.


In December, the troubled loans rose AZN 30.3 million or 2.1%.


During the reporting period, loans in national currency made AZN 8,601,000,000, of which AZN 637.3 million or 7.42% are overdue credits. Loans in foreign currency amounted to AZN 7,674,500,000, of which AZN 804.5 million or 10.5% are overdue credits. Share of overdue credits in manat in total troubled loans made up 44.2%, in foreign currency – 55.8%.


Share of overdue credit in provision of crediting makes up 8.9%.


In the reporting period, AZN 8,663,100,000 was given in manat, of which AZN 682.4 million or 7.87% makes up overdue credits. Loans in foreign currency amounted to AZN 7,781,400,000. Of this, AZN 790.2 million or 10.2% is overdue credits. Overdue credits in manat make up 46.3% of total overdue credits, in foreign currency – 53.7%.