Azerbaijani customs officers prevent attempted currency smuggling

# 12:10
27 January 2018

Employees of the Head Customs Administration on Air Transport have thwarted an attempt to smuggle a large amount of foreign currency from the country, the State Customs Committee said in a message on Jan. 27.


According to the message, a Turkish citizen, who was going to take off the Baku-Istanbul flight, was asked about the presence of undeclared items after using the Green Channel pass system.


Although the Turkish citizen said he had only $5,000 US dollars, his actions aroused suspicion. Thus, he was detained and offered to enter the control room in order to conduct a personal search.


As a result of the search, 70 units of $100 bills were found in the pocket of the citizen's pants, 30 units of $100 bills in the inner pocket of the jacket, and 70 units of $100 bills in his sports bag. In general, $17,000 was seized from him.


Another fact was registered on the Baku-Moscow flight.


Thus, a Russian citizen wishing to board the same flight did not declare the foreign currency to the customs authority, which he was obliged to declare while entering the customs control zone, in advance, in oral, written, electronic form. However, when the citizen placed his upper garment and personal belongings in a plastic container to be X-rayed in the aviation security control zone, customs officers saw images similar to banknotes on the monitor. After that, the passenger was detained and invited to the checkpoint located in the customs zone for the inspection of himself and his personal belongings. During inspection, a total of 19,000 dollars was found in the pocket of the Russian citizen's jacket - 190 pieces, each with a nominal value of 100 dollars.


Investigation is underway on both incidents.