Azerbaijani population spend AZN 723 million to payment of loan interests

# 09:38
17 November 2017

In January-October 2017, the personal incomes in Azerbaijan increased 8.2% to AZN 40,190,700,000.


According to State Statistical Committee, the per capita income amounted to AZN 4,131.9.


During the reporting period, 85.3% or AZN 34,282,700,000 of incomes were spent on consumption, 8.5% or AZN 3,416,200,000 on taxes, social insurance and voluntary membership fees, 1.8% or AZN 723.4 million on payment of interests on loans, 4.4% or AZN 1,768,400,000 went to charge.


The income in the disposal of population made up AZN 36,773,000,000.