Banker: Manat found its balance and will continue to rise - EXCLUSIVE

# 15:20
5 April 2017

Exchange rate of manat for today is stable, our national currency has found its balance. This situation has positive impact on the economy, Chairman of AGBank Management Board Afghan Jalilov told APA-Economics.


According to him, no volatility is expected from manat: “This period was left behind. Manat rate has found its balance and positively affects the economy. In any case, strong manat is an indicator of strong economy”.


The banker forecasts that manat will continue to strengthen: “Strengthening of manat is important for economy and banks. It’s not secret that there is sufficient dollarization in banks’ assets and liabilities. Strengthening of manat will help liabilities to be fulfilled timely. Along with this, it is difficult for banks to fulfill the foreign liabilities”.


Jalilov added that there is not any ground for decline of manat: “Manat rate is already moving within a certain corridor”.