CB chairman: Currency market balanced, manat stabilized

# 09:16
19 September 2017

According to him, the mid-term priorities laying ahead of the country include ensuring of sustainability of macroeconomic stability, completion of institutional frame which comprehensively supports the economic diversification, development of human capital innovation, completion of restructuring processes in the financial sector and development of financial and monetary markets, improvement of living condition of the population.   


He noted that the policy to conform with the new challenges is already yielding results: “In the past period of 2017, trends of macroeconomic stability strengthened, economic growth recovered. Measures on conformation of economy with the new oil prices and decisions made on diversification improved the balance payment of the country”.


Rustamov added that in the first half of 2017, the current account surplus of Azerbaijan's balance of payments totaled 2.5% of GDP: “The country's strategic currency reserves grew by nearly 12% and exceeded GDP. Currency market balanced, manat rate stabilized”.