Financial Monitoring Service removes one person from blacklist

# 07:34
9 February 2017

The Financial Monitoring Service of the Financial Markets Supervisory Authority has refreshed the general list in accordance with the decisions made by Al-Qaida Sanction Committee under the UN Security Council on February 3.


According to Service, the general list was refreshed in accordance with the “Rule of confirmation of General List of individuals and legal entities, on which sanctions should be applied in accordance with the legislation of Azerbaijan Republic and contracts supported by Azerbaijan, as well as the UN Security Council relevant resolutions within fighting against financing terrorism” approved with the decision #124 of the Cabinet of Ministers dated 25.06.2010.


According to information, Afghan citizen Gulbuddin Hekmatyar has baan removed from the list.


Latest version of the list has been posted on the official webpage of the Financial Monitoring Service (, as well as sent to relevant control authorities, monitoring participants and other persons participated in the monitoring.