Ilham Aliyev: ‘We are pursuing independent policy, we have own position and we express this position without hesitation’

# 15:55
29 January 2018

‘Our currency reserves are our great wealth and contribute economic independence to us. Economic independence creates conditions for political independence’, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said at the conference dedicated to results of fourth year implementation of the State Program on socio-economic development of regions in 2014-2018.


‘Economically dependent countries cannot pursue independent policy or face difficulty. We are pursuing independent policy, we have our position about all issues and we express this position without hesitation. We raise our voice in all international issues and, promote and defend justice and law’, he said.  


The president noted that serious steps were taken for increase of currency reserves last year: ‘Despite the fact that the budget was at low level and oil price was low, as a result of our policy, the currency reserves increased by $4.5 billion. I’m sure that the currency reserves will significantly increase this year’.