Import of prohibited psychotropic substance to Azerbaijan prevented

# 16:11
26 August 2017

The State Customs Committee told APA that during the inspection, medicines including 9800 capsules of Lyrica (Pregabalin, 150 mg), 10542 capsules of Lyrica (Pregabalin, 300 mg) were found in the ventilator, and a total of 194,475 grams of methamphetamine, psychotropic substance in a cellophane bag.


The committee informs that the medicine Lyrica (Pregabalin) is included to the “List of List of strongly affecting substances and their amount” approved by a relevant law of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 


The total amount of the active substance of these drugs is 4 kg 632.6 grams.


Besides, the psychotropic substance - methamphetamine is included in the First “List of psychotropic substances circulation of which in Azerbaijan Republic has been prohibited”.


Investigation is underway.