Minister: Measures will be taken against tax officials about whom complaints have been filed

# 10:40
13 February 2018

“Increase of knowledge management and role of technologies in tax administration increases demands for human resources and professionalism of the staff in the Ministry of Taxes”, Minister of Taxes Mikayil Jabbarov said at the “Taxes. Transparency. Development” conference.


According to him, the leading power in reaching goals is human resources having analytical thinking, relevant knowledge and skills.  


'We have already started relevant steps on recomplementation of staff in the tax authorities, taking of measures against tax officials about whom complaints have been filed, and promotion of professionals', he said.


‘There are sufficient professionals in the tax system and middle management system will be complemented with managing groups having new views. We’ll use all resources to uproot corruption in the tax authorities. The process has already started and measures will be taken against revealed cases’, the minister said.


The minister added that circle of power and responsibility of the tax authorities will be redetermined: ‘Council of Appeal will be active and tax administration will operate transparently’.