Over AZN 2B invested in fixed capital in January-February

# 08:43
14 March 2017

In January-February 2017, AZN 2,093.7 million was invested in Azerbaijan’s fixed capital from all financial sources, said the State Statistical Committee.


Of this, AZN 1,503.3 million was invested in oil sector, AZN 590.4 million in non-oil sector. Moreover, 69.5% of total investments was directed to construction works.


State Statistical Committee told APA-Economics that 89.2% of these funds were spent to construction of production facilities, 8.1% to construction of facilities on service areas, 2.7% to construction of residential houses with the total area of 209,100 m². Domestic investments amounted to 32.9% of total investments.


In the structure of investments in the fixed capital 77.2% made up investments of enterprises and organizations, 11.4% bank loans, 8.0% budget funds, 0.7% off-budget funds, 2.7% private funds, AZN 0.4 million other funds.