PASHA Bank’s Georgian subsidiary sees profit jump in 2Q17

# 15:51
23 August 2017

The assets PASHA Bank’s Georgian subsidiary drooped by 12.23% and stood at 247,947,000 Georgian laris in the second quarter of 2017 compared to a year earlier, said a report from bank on Aug. 23, APA reported.  


The Georgian subsidiary’s loan portfolio increased by 23% to 116,982,000 laris, according to the report.


Compared to early 2017, the bank’s liabilities decreased by 20.7 to 142,087,000 laris while its deposit portfolio rose by 2% to 46,912,000 laris.   


During the reporting period, the bank’s total capita increased by 3.4% to 106,767,000 laris while its authorized capital remained unchanged – 103,000,000 laris.


The bank ended the second quarter of 2017 with 2.5 million profit, said the report.


The Central Bank of Azerbaijan set the manat rate against the Georgian lari at 0.7069 for August 23.