Yearly budget transfers from advertising may rise 10-fold - EXCLUSIVE

# 09:40
23 June 2017

Authors of the draft law are MPs Vahid Ahmadov and Ali Masimli. Ahmadov told APA-Economics that amendments to the Laws on “Advertisement” and “State duty” are related to establishment of the State Advertisement Agency and will serve development of advertising market: “Amendments to these laws are very important. You know that there are language, posting and design problems in the advertising. The issues aiming to solve these problems are reflected in the draft laws”.


According to him, about AZN 55 million is transferred to the state budget from advertising throughout a year. But this figure may be 10-fold higher: “The advertising market in Baku was under control of the Baku City Executive Power. AZN 50-55 million was transferred per year. However, according to our calculations, this figure must be AZN 450-500 million. As you see, there are some shortages. The president issued an order to establish State Advertising Agency. I know the person this agency’s head as a experienced and professional one. This agency will increase the control over advertising market and led to increase of budget transfers”.


On June 20, Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev issued a decree on establishment of State Advertising Agency. The State Advertising Agency public legal entity is established to provide common regulation and control on installation of advertisement carrier in an open area, production and broadcasting of advertisements to be posted on those carriers.


On the same day, the president signed an order on appointing Aydin Ibadov director of the newly-established State Advertising Agency.


At the yesterday’s meeting, the MPs recommended both amendments to the plenary meeting of the parliament.