Date of resumption of country championships in Europe becomes known

# 14:50
15 May 2020

The fate of the 53 country championships in Europe suspended due to coronavirus pandemic is coming to knowledge one by one, website reports.

As early as tomorrow, the struggle in the German Bundesliga will resume.

Along with Germans, several other countries have determined the date of resumption based on the present situation. In total, the concrete day of resumption of 27 leagues has been determined. If all goes according to the plan, in May, the championships in 11 countries will continue from the suspended stage. And the resumption of 16 championships has been scheduled for June.

The uncertainty still rules in 20 countries including Azerbaijan in regard to Premier League. The season has already been completed in France, Gibraltar, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Belgium and the Farer islands are also preparing to take such a step soon.

Currently, the season is being continued only in Belarus in the whole of Europe. But as the coronavirus spreading rate is increasing in that country, the likeliness of suspension of the championship is not ruled out.
Note that the country championship is not held only in Lichtenstein in the whole of Europe.