UK minister wishes FC Qarabag to win Chelsea with score of 7:0

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14 September 2017

UK Minister for Europe and the Americas Alan Duncan, who is on a visit to Azerbaijan, commented on the Chelsea vs Qarabag football match that took place as part of the 2017/18 UEFA Champions League group stage on Sept. 12.


Speaking to reporters in Baku, the minister said that although he is not a connoisseur in football, he already knows the match result.


Minister Duncan wished FC Qarabag to win Chelsea with a score of 7:0 in the upcoming match in Baku.


“I think that the quality of Azerbaijani football is ascending. Although your team lost against Chelsea, given the experience, this is not a good result. The result will be better gradually,” he added.


He noted that Tofig Bahramov is remembered by Britons with respect, and his name entered the history of British football.