Azerbaijan to provide support to Turkey in NATO PA regarding situation in Mediterranean Sea

# 13:47
1 September 2020

“5 committees –  Political, Defense and Security, Science and Technology, Economy, Civil Measure Control committees are functioning in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. The online meeting of the Political Committee was held yesterday”, said the head of Azerbaijan’s delegation in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (PA) Ziyafet Asgerov in his statement to APA.

Z. Asgerov said the main issues on the Committee’s agenda were related to the European Union - NATO relations and the situation in the Balkan region: "These two main issues were discussed at the online meeting. At the same time, the worldwide situation associated with the coronavirus pandemic was touched upon in the report”.

The head of the Azerbaijani delegation in the NATO PA brought to the notice that the online meeting of the Defense and Security Committee of the NATO PA will be held on September 2: “The NATO-Russia relations and the situation in the Mediterranean Sea will be mainly discussed in our committee. I would also like to say Azerbaijan has already officially announced its position regarding the issue in the Mediterranean Sea. If there is such an opportunity, we will come up with speech at the meeting and will resolutely defend Turkey’s position. Because Turkey’s position regarding the Mediterranean Sea is fully compliant with international law. The issues included in agendas of other committees will be presented to us in the upcoming days”.