Azerbaijani MFA: Murdering a soldier of SBS guarding is a crime and responsibility for this bloody act lies with the Armenian side

# 15:01
8 January 2020

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan has released a statement on the killing border guard soldier Farzaly Farzaliev as a result of Armenian provocation committed on January 7, press service of the Ministry told APA

The statement reads: "On January 7 of this year, as a result of sniper fire opened by the Armenian armed forces in the direction of the village of Gushchu Ayrim, Gazakh region of Azerbaijan, our border guard soldier Farzaly Farzaliev was killed. We would like to emphasize that the bloody incident occurred on the Azerbaijani-Armenian state border.

The consistent violation by the armed forces of Armenia of the ceasefire regime on the state border, as well as along the line of contact of the troops of the two countries, targeted fire on the Azerbaijani military and civilians, and respect for the values of international law by official Yerevan only in words, once again clearly demonstrate the falsehood of its calls for peaceful resolution of the conflict and the desire of Armenia to hide its occupational and aggressive policies. With this deliberate attack, Armenia once again confirms that the country is the aggressor, and its attempts to hide behind the puppet regime that it created in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan are completely vain.

The murder of a soldier of the State Border Service guarding the internationally recognized borders of Azerbaijan is a crime, and the responsibility for this bloody act lies with the Armenian side. Armenia, which keeps under military occupation the territories of Azerbaijan and has conducting ethnic cleansing in these areas, violates the fundamental principles of international law and regularly attacks the Azerbaijani military and civilians by violating the ceasefire regime, should be aware of the responsibility for all its crimes and that its actions will not remain unanswered."