Azerbaijani NGOs appeal to the international community regarding the war crime committed by Armenia against the Ganja city

# 16:29
4 October 2020

Azerbaijani NGOs have appealed to the international community regarding the war crime committed by Armenia against the Ganja city, APA reports.

"Since September 27, 2020 the armed forces of Amenia have been continuously subjecting the civilian population and civilian objects of Azerbaijan to artillery and rocket fire.

Today, on October 4, Armenia has once again grossly violated all the rules of international humanitarian law and warfare, once again demonstrating its helplessness, fired rockets at the historic city of Ganja, a city with a population of more than 500 thousand people far from the conflict zone, killing one person, injuring 4 persons and destroying the historical monuments. While subjecting Ganja to the rocket fire, the armed forces of Armenia have been using the cluster bombs which are strictly prohibited by international conventions.

According to today's statistics, 23 civilians were killed and 76 were injured as a result of missile strikes by Armenia on more than 10 regions and cities of Azerbaijan, public and private property is seriously damaged.
The purpose of Armenia's deliberate targeting of the civilian population is to expand the geography of the war, to divert attention from occupied Nagorno-Karabakh and the seven surrounding regions of Azerbaijan, and to involve a third country in the conflict.

We, the Azerbaijani NGOs, with deep concern draw the attention of the international community to the crimes committed against humanity by the political and military leadership of Armenia and state that Armenia has grossly violated international humanitarian law, especially the Geneva Convention of 1949.

On behalf of the hundreds of NGOs functioning in Azerbaijan, we call on human rights organizations, NGOs, media representatives, parliamentarians and governments around the world to protest against the war crimes committed by Armenia against the civilian population of Azerbaijan and to strongly condemn these crimes.

In conclusion, we would like to note that Armenia's impunity for war crimes, acts of occupation and aggression against Azerbaijan, especially for non-compliance with four UN Security Council resolutions, paves the way for more dangerous and brutal crimes committed today by Armenia", noted in the appeal.
It has been signed by 292 NGOs of Azerbaijan.