Azerbaijani President: "We also could not agree to this ceasefire"

# 14:26
14 October 2020

"We will solve the problems of people whose houses have been destroyed. They should never worry. In a short time. I remember that when Armenia attacked us in April 2016, we had more than 1,000 houses destroyed, and I said during meetings with the owners of those houses, do not worry, we will restore all these houses. About 8 months later, I went to them again, to Aghdam and other frontline regions, and gave them the keys to their houses," President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said in an interview with Turkish Haber Turk TV channel on October 13, APA reports.

The head of state said that a year and a half ago an earthquake destroyed thousands of houses in Shamakhi: "I went there and told them not to worry, all the houses will be restored. We did it too. There are a few houses left and we will restore them. We had a flood about 10 years ago, a large area was flooded. About 5,000 houses were destroyed. All were restored by the state. My approach is that if you had a house of 100 square meters, you would buy a house of 120-150 square meters. If your house was a hut, you will get a beautifully renovated new house. Therefore, assistance will be provided to people who have lost their property and homes. In addition, many people in our villages lost their pets. This is a source of income for them. I have already given an assignment, calculations are being made, who lost how many pets will be given. We will definitely solve this issue, and the people of Azerbaijan know that they will not go to any insurance company, they will not let it go, no official will create a problem for it, because it is under my personal control. Everyone knows this and they will fulfill my tasks."

The President of Azerbaijan said that this event once again shows how great the Azerbaijani people are: "Says that my house should be destroyed, my property should be destroyed, only Karabakh should be taken, and we all live in this way, all of us. We have been living this languor, this longing for 30 years. Should it have ended or not? We should put an end to this and we will put an end to it.

Therefore, we only need to move forward at this stage on this issue. We gave Armenia a chance. We also could not agree to this ceasefire. We would say that we do not agree. Who could force us ?! No one. We did this so that people would not die on either side. They are also miserable. They also fry them. Now our Ministry of Defense distributes video footage, chains Armenian soldiers, chains, and irons, ties each other's legs so that they do not run away. Several such corpses were found. It's terrible, they are not human. Punishment battalions have been following Armenian soldiers in recent days. If someone runs back, he is shot there, that is, such savagery, such fascism."