Chairman of Turkish Parliament: “Where Turkey is, there is Azerbaijan, where Azerbaijan is, there is Turkey”

# 19:05
5 September 2020

“Major historical changes are currently taking place globally and regionally. We believe that this process will increase the strength and unity of Turkey and Azerbaijan. There will be a continuation of the positive results of this union in solving the problem,” chairman of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (GNAT) Mustafa Sentop while commenting on views of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev regarding Eastern Mediterranean with APA’s Turkish bureau.

Noting that he considers both countries right in their joint decisions, the chairman of Turkish Parliament stressed that Azerbaijan is the first country to support Turkey's policy to protect its security and interests in the Eastern Mediterranean within the framework of international law: “Azerbaijan and Turkey is also determined to solve their problems. Based on our differences and determination, our solidarity is growing day by day and I am sure it will grow further.”

M.Shentop noted that the valuable views voiced by the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev during the reception of the new Ambassador of Greece to Baku Nikolaos Piperigos are of great importance in this context: “Mr Ilham Aliyev briefly, concretely and meaningfully stated that Azerbaijan and Turkey share not only a friendly and partner, but also a fraternal and common destiny. I express my gratitude to Mr Ilham Aliyev. Turkey never doubts Azerbaijan's support”

M. Shentop said that he observed the results of this important and successful cooperation at the parliamentary level as the chairman of the Parliament: “Our parliamentarians also support this idea: Where Turkey is, there is Azerbaijan, where Azerbaijan is, there is Turkey. It is enough if one of these two fraternal countries is represented somewhere because they protect the interests of each other.”