Covering Armenia's last military provocation in Mexico continues

# 09:39
20 August 2020

Information has been given on the last military provocation of Armenia in the interview of Azerbaijan's Ambassador to Mexico Mammad Talibov to “Hoy en el mundo para ti” program, broadcasted in the ADR Networks online channel and his article entitled "Aggression against Azerbaijan is going on" and published in “ContraRéplica” daily newspaper, Azerbaijani Embassy to Mexico told APA.

Through both media bodies, the Ambassador said Armenian armed forces violated ceasefire for the next time and attacked to the positions of the Azerbaijani Army in Tovuz region in the state border of two countries since July 12 and noted that Armenia's purpose in committing such provocations is firstly, to distract world community from its occupation 20% of Azerbaijani territories and conduction ethnic cleaning against nearly 1 million Azerbaijani people, to sabotage negotiation process, held within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group, as well as to distract Armenian from their heavy social-economic and political condition.

M. Talibov noted the Armenian side jeopardizes the security of large-scale projects, passing through the regions, realized on Azerbaijan's initiative, and play a unique role in the development of the whole region, as well as energy safety of Europe with the last military provocation in Tovuz. The diplomat also said the Armenian side has sounded threats on hitting the Mingachevir water reservoir for many times, as well as committed forest fires in occupied territories.

Speaking about Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno Garabagh conflict, the ambassador stated that Armenian side occupied 20 percent of the internationally recognized territories of Azerbaijan, conducted ethnic cleansing in these territories, the resolutions adopted by UN Security Council regarding the conflict demands the immediate and unconditional liberation of these territories from the occupying forces, and despite nearly 30 years passed since these documents were adopted, Armenian side ignores these resolutions.

M. Talibov stressing that the presence of the Armenian armed forces on Azerbaijan’s sovereign territories is the main threat to peace and security in the region, emphasized that Azerbaijan as a developed, strong, civil and democratic country will not continue to watch calmly the presence of armed forces of other state on its territory and it is high time that the international community would strictly demand Armenia to withdraw from the Azerbaijani lands occupied by it. He said the Azerbaijani people, our people expelled from the occupied territories demand from both the government and the international community to ensure their return to their native lands.

The diplomat who said Azerbaijan has constantly acted from the position of compliance with international law and peace and has strived for regional and international cooperation, and noted in this regard the initiative of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the capacity of chairman of the Non-Aligned Movement related to convening of a special session of the UNO dedicated to the topic of fight against the pandemic, stressed that while this initiative was supported by over 130 countries, Armenia stood up against this and once again proved its aggressive nature by not giving up its provocative actions in the condition when the world countries are waging fight against the pandemic.

In the end, the ambassador talked about Azerbaijan’s geographical position, and in this regard, its location on the crossroads of Europe and Asia, on the ancient Silk Road, its recognition as an oil country historically, its being the country that established the first democratic republic in the Islamic Orient and granted the voting right to women for the first time in this geographical region, changing by it of the region’s economic and logistic map by the projects of global significance initiated by it after the repeated gaining of independence, its hosting the peaceful coexistence of people of various ethnicities and religions in the present time, as well as development of relations with Mexico in bilateral and multilateral formats and its being an attractive partner for Mexico thanks to favorable business environment, transport and logistic network, access to the Caspian Sea reservoir and Central Asia region that has consumption market with 300 million consumers.

Ambassador's interview 38:35 – 52:15