Head of Georgia’s MFA: “Keshikchidag issue will be solved in framework of strategic partnership”

# 12:05
23 December 2019

“Keshikchidag issue will find its solution in the framework of strategic partnership relations", said Georgia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs David Zalkaliani in his statement to journalists after the meeting with his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu, APA's local bureau reports.

He said currently the relevant commission was continuing its activity.

“Keshikchidagh issue will be solved in the framework of strategic cooperation relations between two countries. Currently, the activity of the relevant Commission is underway. This issue has been discussed during the official visit of Georgian PM Giorgi Gakharia to Azerbaijan. The sides are continuing discussions and the next meeting of the Commission is planned to be held in Tbilisi soon”, noted D. Zalkaliani.