Hikmat Hajiyev: “Cries of the people who suffered and lost their lives as a result of the attack in Ganja will not go unrevenged”

# 17:47
17 October 2020

"The hideous enemy treacherously avenges his weakness and cowardice on the battlefield from the civilians,” said Assistant to President Hikmat Hajiyev at his speech during the visit of diplomatic corps to Ganja, APA reports.

He noted that Armenian armed forces carried out a treacherous attack to the second largest city of Azerbaijan, Ganja a week ago too: “They use rockets, SCUD rocket. This time, they use SCUD missiles which have high destructive power too. They aimed at causing massacre among the people as if they are trying to create inspection, anxiety among the people of Ganja, among the citizens of our country. But they will never be able to achieve their goal. Azerbaijani people are determined. Our determination is that Azerbaijani lands under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief to be liberated. In order to cover up these hideous crimes, they are deceiving the international community, spreading lies, misinformation and propaganda.

We extend our gratitude to the embassies, embassy staff, representatives of international organizations, military attaches accredited in the Republic of Azerbaijan for visiting Ganja again. They came with us to get acquainted with this crime committed by the Armenian army in a treacherous, degrading and dishonorable way. A week ago we were in Ganja again, another tragedy happened again. Again, we came to Ganja due to the next tragedy. The international community is once again witnessing such disgusting and disgraceful cases happened. They also see and will inform their countries about it. "
H. Hajiyev noted that that the cries of the people who suffered and lost their lives as a result of the attack in Ganja will not go unrevenged: “The voice of right is being conveyed to the entire international community, and international media representatives are also here. Ambassadors, diplomats and military attachés will also inform their countries about this. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to the representatives of the diplomatic corps who came with us on this visit. The people and residents of Ganja are always strong, always stand by our statehood.”