Igor Korotchenko: "Decision on missile attack on Ganja was made by military-political leadership of Armenia"

# 19:45
12 October 2020

"An international investigation team should be established to investigate the barbarian war crime in Ganja"

"The rocket attack on Ganja was carried out from the territory of Armenia using the Tochka-U operational-tactical missile complex. The decision of the country's military-political leadership is needed to launch such a missile strike," the editor-in-chief of the Russian "National Defense" magazine, military expert, retired colonel Igor Korotchenko in an interview with APA's Moscow correspondent.

"A missile strike on Ganja is a war crime"

He said that the missile strike on Ganja was inflicted by the decision of the Armenian leadership: "In other words, this instruction can be given by either Pashinyan or Defense Minister Tonayan. If they did not issue the instruction then the question is, are Pashinyan and Tonayan monitoring the situation in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone? The point is that in order to launch such a missile, it is necessary to compile a flight task, where the coordinates of the target are accurately indicated. After that, the flight mission is carried out with a digital view of the missile warheads, and the missile is launched. That is, it is not a battlefield weapon. Yes, the parties, the Azerbaijani and Armenian armies are engaged in combat activities on the battlefield. Decisions on the use of artillery, tanks, and rocket launchers are made by the military command on the ground. That is, those who lead the units of military units make these decisions on the spot. I emphasize once again that the use of missiles is a decision of the military-political leadership of Armenia. In this case, it is a war crime. From the point of view of international law and after the signing of the ceasefire agreement, this is a war crime, both in terms of its implementation at night.

"It was a premeditated military-political provocation of Yerevan"

Korotchenko stressed that Armenia has ab aim in Ganja provocation: "The aim is to provoke Azerbaijan to retaliate on the territory of Armenia. In this case, Armenia could have appealed to the CSTO and described itself as a victim of aggression. 

I believe this was a premeditated military-political provocation of Yerevan. Because I repeat, to launch a missile strike on a city far from the front line is a deliberate political decision. The question is who will make this decision in Armenia. This needs to be investigated. This requires an international investigation. An international investigation team needs to be set up. Because it is a barbaric war crime in all respects, a violation of the Geneva Conventions, and, most importantly, an attempt to break the ceasefire.

"The ceasefire reached  in Moscow does not solve anything"

The Russian expert also commented on the agreement reached on the results of the Karabakh talks in Moscow on October 9-10: "In my opinion, the ceasefire itself does not solve anything. If the document on the schedule of withdrawal of Armenian troops from the occupied Azerbaijani territories after the ceasefire is not adopted, the war will continue. It is not possible to register a new status quo. It is impossible to register a new line of contact. Azerbaijan acts within the norms of international law, on the basis of UN Security Council resolutions confirming the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. Military operations were carried out in Azerbaijan. Armenian military-political leadership arrives in occupied Nagorno-Karabakh Therefore, this is the war of Armenia against Azerbaijan in the territory of Azerbaijan. If Armenia does not withdraw its troops from the occupied territories, it will be difficult to hope for peace. Unfortunately, there will be a new war."