Iranian Embassy to Azerbaijan investigates a video of illegal "aid" to Karabakh - VIDEO

# 17:43
4 May 2021

Iranian embassy in Azerbaijan has contacted Tehran regarding videos showing "assistance" to Karabakh passing through Armenia, head of press service of the Embassy Seyed Ali Mousavi told APA

After dissemination of the video on social media, the embassy began taking steps for investigation and specification: “We spoke to Tehran to investigate the videos and information. We appealed that after the dissemination of this video and information, there are concerns in Azerbaijan, for investigation of issue duly and giving official response. Probably, in the upcoming days, Tehran will respond to us, and we will be brought the issue to the notice of the Azerbaijani public.”

Note that video footage of trucks carrying "aid" to Karabakh from Iran through passing Armenia has been spread on social networks.

Video footage has been spread “Azad Iran” telegram channel of Iran. It is noted that “loads” are transported to the Azerbaijani territories which are under the control of Russian peacekeepers through the Lachin corridor passing from Armenia. It has been noted that gas, gasoline, construction materials, food, clothing are illegally carried to Azerbaijani territories from Iran. Moreover, it is also claimed that a large number of drugs were transported in these cars.