Turkish Ambassador: “Current activities of co-chairs serve to further strengthen existing status quo”

# 19:42
14 August 2020

“There are different views on increasing Turkey's role in the OSCE Minsk Group and bringing it to the level of a co-chair country. If this happens, Turkey will welcome it,” said Erkan Ozoral, Turkish Ambassador to Azerbaijan in an interview with APA.

”However, this is not a decision that can just be made by Turkey and Azerbaijan. Turkey is one of eleven members of OSCE Minsk Group established in 1994. However, co-chairs that control the main activities are Russia, the United States, and France. We have been observing for almost 30 years that the negotiations on Nagorno Garabagh do not yield results. There is no concrete result. On the contrary, current activities of co-chairs serve to further strengthen the existing status quo,” the Ambassador noted.

According to Erkan Ozoral, Turkey has long criticized the Minsk Group co-chairs for this: “We also openly state to the co-chairs that there is need to put forward new, constructive ideas in the direction of solving the problem. Today's situation is, in fact, great injustice and unfairness. The co-chairs of the Minsk Group state that they stand at the same distance from both sides and treat both sides equally. But this is not justice. Justice is giving the right.”

Ambassador noted that the occupation of Nagorno Garabagh and seven adjacent regions by Armenia has also been reflected in the decisions of international organizations: “This is a violation of international law. We want the Nagorno Garabagh conflict to be resolved as soon as possible within the framework of Azerbaijan's sovereignty and territorial integrity. We support the peaceful implementation of this. The task of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs is to ensure the fast and peaceful implementation of this resolution.