Zakharova: “There is a high level dialogue between Russia and Azerbaijan”

# 14:06
28 November 2019

“There is a high-level dialogue between Russia and Azerbaijan”, the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Maria Zakharova said at the briefing held today, APA’s Moscow correspondent reports.

She stated that Azerbaijani and Russian Presidents have met in Beijing and Sochi in 2019.

"The great development of Russian-Azerbaijan partnership is provided for by the intense political dialogue at the high and highest levels. In 2019, there were two meetings of Presidents of our respective countries on margins of international Forum one road one belt in Beijing 26 of April and Valdai Forum in Sochi, October 3. From November 20 to 25 the First Vice President of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva visited the Russian Federation. There is a tie of cooperation between governments, parliaments, civil society organizations. The mutual trade upon the outcomes of 2018 grew by almost 14 %. And this equals to USD 2.5 bln. In January-September of the current year, it grew by   26 % thus reaching USD 2.2 bln. We successfully implement road maps on the key Avenues of our bilaterals for the period up to 2024. Azerbaijan has joined enterprises that are about 200 companies with 100 % of the Russian capital. The intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation is successfully acting. We have cultural and humanitarian as well as educational cooperation. We had successful days of the culture of Russia in Azerbaijan. And in 2020 we will have days of culture of Azerbaijan in Russia. Baku has the functioning affiliates of the Russian University of Moscow State University of Lomonosov. Russia has more than 11 thousand Azerbaijani students and 1000 out of them are set for free. We cooperate within CIS, UN, OSCE and Non-Alignment Movement, Council of Europe, Black Sea Economic Cooperation Forum and others. We focus on the issue of regional security including the prospects of Nagorno Garabagh settlement."