Ambassador: Pakistan is doing its part regarding Afghanistan

Pakistani ambassador to Azerbaijan Bilal Hayee

© APA | Pakistani ambassador to Azerbaijan Bilal Hayee

# 25 October 2021 14:30 (UTC +04:00)

The purpose of Pakistani Foreign Minister's visit to Kabul was actually to see the situation on ground especially the humanitarian situation, said Pakistani Ambassador to Azerbaijan Bilal Hayee in his interview with APA.

Reminding the visit of Foreign Minister of Qatar to Kabul, the ambassador said that many other foreign dignitaries talked to the Taliban who actually control entire Afghanistan at this moment: " As you know Afghanistan is our neighboring country and we have hosted millions of Afghan refugees in the past. And ever since Taliban came into power in Afghanistan we have seen and heard in the reports that the assets of Afghanistan have been frozen by the World Bank and some other international organizations, some countries who hold the power in international financial institutions and thereby creating a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. There is a shortage of food, health facilities, medical supplies, and Pakistan has been providing humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan for the last two months. "

The ambassador stressed that Pakistan shares the concerns of international community that there should be an inclusive government in Kabul and that is why Pakistan has not recognized the government of Kabul: "This time on the government of Kabul, Pakistan consulting regular basis with regional countries, with the international community. We want to see an inclusive government in Kabul but at the same time, Pakistan has been telling the world that they should also think about the poor people of Afghanistan who are in dire need of basic supplies - food and medical supplies and the advent of winter this situation could become worse. So, Pakistan is doing its part, it is also time for the international community to fulfill their promises what they may do for the people of Afghanistan and this time Afghanistan will not been abandoned."

Because the whole purpose is to ensure that Afghan soil is not used against any country of the world, Afghanistan does not become a center of terrorism. But unfortunately, if this kind of abandonment and neglect is shown by the international community we afraid. So, it should be prevented at all cost and this is what Pakistan trying to do.

"Islamic countries especially Turkey they have shown a lot of understanding and maturity and explained to the world that the people of Afghanistan should not suffer because of political differences and they have shown their interest to visit Afghanistan to see themselves. Recently we have seen the statement of Russia's President Putin that they are also looking at the situation. The region countries Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan also monitoring the situation very closely. It is important the countries of the region see themselves that what is the situation on the ground and what can be done to save the people of Afghanistan from famine, humanitarian crisis," the ambassador noted.