Euronews prepared a reportage on Azerbaijan's Lahij-VIDEO

Euronews prepared a reportage on Azerbaijan
# 11 October 2021 22:56 (UTC +04:00)

The french-based pan-European television news network Euronews has prepared the next reportage on the Lahij settlement of Azerbaijan.

The reportage is about the antiquity of Lahij and its cultural examples: "The Lahij settlement is located in a valley that crosses the Nial ridge, a three-hour drive from Baku. Narrow cobblestone pavements, houses built from stones raised from the bottom of the river, craft workshops - it seems that little has changed here in the last century.

For several centuries Lahij has had a reputation as a city of artisans. The city is famous for its leatherworking and carpet weaving. But the coppersmiths brought him the greatest fame. Highly artistic copper dishes have become a symbol of the village."

“This workshop is 300 years old,” says the coppersmith Kebleyi Aliyev. - It opened in 1725 and is still in operation. I am now 50 years old. My children are already the eighth generation working here."

Copper processing is the oldest form of metallurgy. The traditions of various forms of copper utensils and their decorations date back thousands of years. Methods of processing copper here have changed little in recent centuries. Coppersmiths work with a hammer and chisel. This is hard work that requires strength, endurance and patience.

“Kebleyi makes a dish from a sheet of copper, galvanizes it and brings it to me,” says the minter Haji Aliyev. - I apply an ornament. Each dish is unique. You cannot apply the same pattern to different dishes. The chisel is the only tool I use. I don't even mark the pattern with a pencil. I only imagine it in my imagination before minting. "

Tableware made in Lahij is exhibited in the most famous museums in the world, including the Louvre. It is also in high demand in Azerbaijan itself.

According to Kamal Aliyev, director of the Lahij Museum of History and Local Lore, copper processing in Lahij goes back several centuries: "We know for sure that tableware was made here already in the 11th century. In addition, archaeologists have found copper coins minted in Lahij in the Middle Ages in different parts of the country. It is also known that in 1923 there were 200 copper in Lahij workshops. In 2015, the art of Lahij coppersmiths was included in the UNESCO List of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity."