Pakistani Ambassador: “Azerbaijan understands will of people of Kashmir”

Bilal Hayee

© APA | Bilal Hayee

# 16 September 2021 13:13 (UTC +04:00)

“The international community should not allow a new genocide to happen,” said Pakistan's ambassador to Azerbaijan Bilal Hayee said at a briefing on the situation in Kashmir, APA reports.

The diplomat noted that genocides are a black spot in human history: “It is the systematic destruction of people because of their religion or nationality. Nazis killed Jews in World War II, genocide in Rwanda, the genocide of Muslims in Bosnia.

Today, people in Jammu and Kashmir, which is under Indian occupation, are subjected to pressure and repression. This is done systematically. The world community must hear this and protest against it. This is done systematically. The world community should see this and protest against it.

But we see that the world community attaches more importance to economic interests. Some countries make speeches, give a lesson to us on democracy, human rights, values. But they demonstrate silence regarding the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, which are under the occupation of India. It is a dual standard," stressed Ambassador.

Pakistani diplomat noted that the Indian side does not allow the entrance of international organizations, observes in the region, spreads wrong information about Kashmir, India spends millions on it: "India spreads false information that Kashmir people allegedly tend to aggression, are jihadists, and the world should allegedly help to India. Azerbaijan is a friendly country. Azerbaijan understands the will of the people of Kashmir and differentiates it from jihad."