Pakistani Ambassador: “India's move is contrary to UN resolutions and aimed to change Kashmir's status”

Pakistani Ambassador: “India
# 14 August 2019 12:47 (UTC +04:00)

“Pakistan's Independence Day is celebrated today. Today we also celebrate our unity with the Kashmiris. After independence on August 14, 1947, despite Kashmir's decision to self-determination and UN resolutions, India did not allow it,” Ambassador of Pakistan to Azerbaijan Saeed Khan Mohmand said, APA reports.

Diplomat stated that according to the amendment of August 5, 1954 Kashmiris possess the right of self-determination, however, India doesn’t allow that: “Currently, Kashmiri leaders Mehbooba Mufti, Omar Abdullah, Farooq Abdullah and others are in prison due to the situation. Despite the fact that 60000 Indian troops already exist in Jammu and Kashmir, additional 38000 forces are deployed and it is 9 days that curfew is applied in the area. TV and internet do not function, Kashmiri part had cut the connection with the world. Cluster bombs had been used against people in protest meetings”.

Pakistani diplomat noted that despite the fact that the main income of the population is tourism, Indian government warned the tourists to leave the area. As a result, Kashmiris faced with economical challenges.

“Latest situation was denounced in India. Sikhs and Christians, as well as Indian opposition, have denounced this decision. Indian ruling party is remembered with their hostility to Muslims in the last five years. They pressure not only Muslims but also Christians. They even burned the churches and obliged Christians to worship to Hindu religion”, the diplomat noted.

Talking about the reasons of amendments to the Articles of 370 and 35A of Indian Constitution, Ambassador stated that one of the reasons of the decision is to spread the “India is for Indians” mindset: “Indians can now purchase and lands and accommodate in Kashmir and thus, change the demographic situation in the area and speak with allegation in UN”.

Speaking about Pakistani-Indian relations after the decision Saeed Khan Mohmand stressed that diplomatic relations had been suspended with India and envoy is called back, Indian envoy to Pakistan also warned about leaving the country: “Trade turnover is also suspended and bilateral relations are being reviewed”.

Pakistani Ambassador also stated that they appealed to UN regarding the decision of Indian government on Jammu and Kashmir and the case would be discussed with permanent members of UN Security Council.

According to the ambassador, Prime minister Imran Khan has discussed the situation with fraternal countries – Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia: “This issue will be discussed with members of the UN Security Council as well. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan has officially appealed to the UN. This illegal step of India is against the resolutions of the UN and aimed to change Kashmir’s status. The decision of Indian state creates economic tragedy in Kashmir. 9 people have already been killed by Indian military forces in Kashmir. Moreover, India, Pakistan and China are nuclear countries and events that will take place in the region can create great tragedies.”

The ambassador noted Azerbaijan’s membership of the Contact Group in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation said that he has been in Azerbaijani MFA due to these issues and has informed about the situation: “We expect full support from Azerbaijan and believe that Azerbaijan will support. I note again that the decision of India is contrary to the international norms."