Presidential Aide: “Azerbaijani and Georgian citizens shouldn’t succumb to provocative calls”

Presidential Aide: “Azerbaijani and Georgian citizens shouldn’t succumb to provocative calls”
# 16 July 2019 19:40 (UTC +04:00)

Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan for Public and Political Issues Ali Hasanov has made a statement regarding the incident happened at the “Keshikchi Gala” border unit to APA

The statement reads:

- On July 14, incident committed against border guards on duty by Georgian citizens at the “Keshikchi Gala” border unit. As a result of urgent measures taken by the State Border Service, the incident was eliminated and security in the area was provided.

We should note that, generally, the growing trend of this kind of provocations, which is completely contradicted to the spirit of strategic relations between Azerbaijan and Georgia over the last few months, can raise questions. It already voiced opinions in the discussions on the level of experts of both sides that the friendship and strategic partnerships between the two neighboring states are seriously concerned someone and there re forces that try to confront these states and its people. Some views are voiced on the identity of these forces.

Undoubtedly, the last provocation against Azerbaijan's border guards aims to directly attack the relations between the states and, therefore, the relevant bodies of the two countries should conduct serious investigations, identifying forces that have committed this sabotage and take serious measures against them. Georgian Ambassador to Azerbaijan has been summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan and required to make relevant explanation regarding the incident. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia has already made a statement denouncing the incident and promised to conduct serious investigations in order to bring perpetrators to justice.

Certainly, we are sure that Azerbaijani and Georgian people will act patiently and wisely and will not give grounds to emotions; while relevant official instances will principally identify and punish the forces who are interested in incitement of these incidents and the intensification of relations between the two friendly countries. The dark circles should not be allowed to have a word on interstate relations, and such attempts should be abolished permanently.

Unfortunately, it should be noted that geopolitical interests of big powers and their attempts to manipulate with internal political forces are clearly observed in the happened incidents. In both Georgia and Azerbaijan, some interested political groups try to utilize the incident and such sensitive moments in their struggle to obtain power. Obviously, these above-mentioned groups are open to being manipulated with their historical-religious stereotypes by third parties who want to benefit from the current situation and sometimes knowingly play a voluntary instrument for external influences. We have revealed the attempts to use the means of “fifth colon” against the strategic interests of our country and consider these cases when speaking about the prevention of such incidents.

It is already a long time that we hear the provocative statements on cutting diplomatic ties and take up arms of people who want to create a new conflict zone in the Caucasus. The objective is, of course, to force their ambitions on Azerbaijan and Georgia by fuelling new conflict zone in Southern Caucasus. To this end, they, on the one hand, seek to stir up internal political conflicts in Georgia, and on the other, to incite radical groups in Azerbaijan to provocative appeals in connection with the processes in this country, thereby trying to create a confrontation between two friendly countries against the background of this. However, we would like to remind as an example of how Russia and Turkey in 2015 managed to reach a great diplomatic way out from the plane crash issue which nearly caused confrontation between these countries. At that time, both sides were calling for the separation of relations in the military arena. But Moscow and Ankara did not succumb to provocation, investigated the roots of the problem, found guilty people, and the incident that promoted serious complications was eliminated.

Therefore, the citizens of Azerbaijan and Georgia should not succumb to provocative calls. Now, it’s not the time for emotional challenges, impulsive approaches, but time to demonstrate restraint and wisdom.

Discussions on the demarcation and delimitation of the borders of Azerbaijan are conducted not only with Georgia. If you go back to history, you can be sure that the incidents at the border did not occur only at the site of the Shamkir frontier post.

But the Azerbaijani public is well aware that during disputes and incidents, our diplomats and border guards never lost peace during difficult discussions, defended national interests with perseverance and professionalism, never retreated from the fair position of Azerbaijan, and always will be. The friendly relations between the wise Georgian and Azerbaijani peoples have deep historical roots. Until now, no one has been able to bring discord among these peoples. The historical experience of relationships shows that our destinies are very similar and interrelated. This historical experience teaches us to be partners, jointly defend independence, integrate into the civilized world, and not be opposing parties.

Successfully cooperating in the economic sphere, implementing important energy and transport projects that bring big dividends to both countries, we have shown the world a vivid example of active partnership. We have actually shown what friendly support is in difficult times. We are confident that attempts to set up nations against each other will continue to be in vain. Attempts by radical forces to make a provocation against nations, states, striving to sow hostility will fail before the wisdom and atmosphere of mutual trust, which has been tested for centuries. There will also be insignificant extremist initiatives of some forces, which, having forgotten about the new realities of life in our region, live in medieval thinking.